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Uncaptured Beyond Any Words

As exposed in the Zondo Commission Report, whistle-blowers are vital in combating corruption in South Africa. Radio journalist Michelle Constant talks to leading South African whistle-blowers whose published writings will remain a testimony of how the country’s ideals were betrayed at some of the highest levels for greed. Writer, poet and public intellectual Athol Williams, fearing for his life, has gone into exile after testifying at the Zondo Commission. Drawing on his testimony at the Commission, his book, Deep Collusion, reveals the full extent of the corruption that he wanted the public to know about. Former State official Themba Maseko’s For My Country is a compelling and revelatory book about why he blew the whistle on Jacob Zuma and the Guptas. Despite fearing legal consequences, Mosilo Mothepu decided that she could not stand by and watch the country burn. Her book Uncaptured is a true account of the Negate / Trillian scandal. When Cynthia Stimpel was appointed as the Group Treasurer for South African Airways (SAA), she thought she had found her dream job. That was only until, as one of its most courageous employees, she fought against the capture of SAA.


Mar 15 2022


7:00 PM - 8:00 PM