Time of the Writer

Reflections, Resonance & Revival

In its 30th year of democracy, the 2024 Time of the Writer Festival beckons you on a captivating literary journey, exploring literature’s profound impact on South African society. Through diverse African languages, we delve into narratives, embracing digital transformation’s role in amplifying voices. Join us in reviving the essence of writing in a democratic society, discussing literature’s role in shaping citizenship, and celebrating the rich tapestry of our society’s identities.

2024 Participating Authors




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The Centre for Creative Arts upholds Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Creativity as guaranteed in Section 16 of the South African Constitution. The Centre for Creative Arts recognises that artists may sometimes live and work in States whose values may not always be in accordance with the values of the South African Constitution but the Centre for Creative Arts commits to protect and advance the rights of any artist who freely chooses to participate in the Centre’s festivals where their voices and artistic expressions can contribute to building a better world for all people.