Sue Clarence was born in 1957 and educated at St Mary’s DSG in Pretoria and at Rhodes University After various teaching posts in the UK and South Africa, she entered the theatre world, working in educational script development for the then NAPAC. She left this employ to become a founder member of Theatre for Africa in 1988 and worked with this company until 1993. In 1993, she branched out into two different aspects of the theatre.

Firstly, she became the sole director of Sue Clarence Promotions, a theatre promotion and production company which, inter alia:

– produced an annual festive season production in Durban which ran for between 10 and 13 weeks annually until 2016;

– promotes and manages all work for Ellis Pearson and Andrew Buckland in South Africa and abroad

Secondly, she conceptualised and started Hilton Arts Festival of which she is still the

artistic director. She is a trustee of The Arts Trust of South Africa which aims to facilitate all aspects, including funding, of festivals and theatre creation. She is a member of the Theatre Advisory Committee to the National Arts Festival. Although realising early in her teaching career that she was probably the worst teacher ever, she firmly believes that her life and career choices were extremely strongly influenced by two of her teachers: Elizabeth Hamilton whilst at school and Guy Butler during her tertiary education and beyond.