Mary Watson

AboutMary Watson

Mary Watson is from Cape Town and now lives on the west coast of Ireland. She has a PhD from the University of Cape Town, where she taught for many years. She won the Caine Prize in 2006 and writes contemporary fiction, young adult fantasy and short stories, and her writing has been translated into Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Arabic, Czech, and German. Her books include Moss (Kwela, 2004), The Cutting Room (Penguin, 2013), The Wren Hunt (Bloomsbury, 2018) and The Wickerlight (Bloomsbury, 2019).  Mary was a finalist in the Rolex Protégé Prize in 2012, she appeared on the Africa39 list of influential African writers in 2014 and she was shortlisted for the Irish Book Awards in 2018. Her next book will be out in early 2022.