Grace Nkrumah-Buandoh is a graduate of the University of Ghana and holds a Bachelor degree in Economics with Mathematics. Through her love for reading, she decided to create her own world and started writing short stories at the age of 8, but entered into the poetry community in 2018 with Ehalakasa and has since performed on various stages such as the National Theatre, and has also appeared on the Obaagogetter Network as a guest performer. She ventured into artistic activism with ActionAid Ghana, with a keen interest in addressing issues such as Environmental Protection, Gender Based Violence, Rape and Menstrual and Reproductive health as well as Mental Health and general well-being. She has a passion for volunteering and believes there is an artist screaming in everyone's mind. We just have to listen and scream along with it. She started performing under the pseudonym Fante Girl but recently changed it to Bonkua, which means Queen, in her native language.