Dilip Menon

AboutDilip Menon

Dilip Menon is a historian and social theorist, Professor of Indian Studies, and Director of the Centre of Indian Studies at the University of the Witwatersrand; He was educated at the Universities of Delhi, Oxford, and Cambridge and got his Ph.D. degree from Cambridge. He is a translator from Malayalam and writes on film, theatre, and literature. His research for the past decade has engaged with issues of caste, socialism, and equality in modern India. This has resulted in several essays and a monograph on issues of caste in modern India as also a translation of the first novel written in an Indian language by a lower caste individual. Currently, he is working on issues of cultural and intellectual history and is engaged in a project on the writing of history in India between 1850 and 1960. The work inaugurated at the Centre is interdisciplinary and transnational in approach and looks afresh at issues of colonialism, modernity, and migration in the Global South. His latest book Capitalisms: Towards a Global History, co-edited with Kaveh Yatzani has been published in 2020 by Oxford University Press and Concepts from the global South (Routledge, 2021, forthcoming).