Old Man Afrika shouting at the world

Amazwi’s exhibition “Old Man Afrika Shouting at the World” explores the life and work of one of our most complex literary figures. Tatamkhulu Afrika changed his name frequently, reflecting phases of his life and identity. This is reflected in his autobiography, Mr Chameleon. Fellow writer Mzi Mahola paid tribute to Afrika’s openness, writing, “He is like a person standing on top of a mountain, naked, shouting at the world to scrutinize and judge him.”

Tatamkhulu Afrika’s work focuses on the lives of the marginalised. His writing protested the injustices of apartheid, and criticised the failures of the New South Africa.

Es’kia Mphahlele: Man of Letters

Amazwi’s exhibition “Es’kia Mphahlele: Man of Letters” celebrates the life and work of one of South Africa’s foremost literary figures. The exhibition, produced in 2019, marks the centenary of Mphahlele’s birth, and reflects his love for teaching and literature, his respect for African values and wisdom, and his concern for his country and its people.

Mphahlele worked long hours to fund his education. His desire to teach was complicated by his protest against apartheid education. Despite an uncertain future, Mphahlele became one of South Africa’s finest writers. He died on 29 October 2008 in Lebowakgomo.