Nina Callaghan

AboutNina Callaghan

Nina Callaghan is seeking better questions, confounded and frustrated by current answers and practices in education, development, politics, family-making and being together on this mysterious planet. She is studying towards her MPhil in sustainable development at Stellenbosch University, and is a researcher at the Centre for Sustainability Transitions. Before this, she was associate director for the Children’s Radio Foundation, an NGO that partnered with community radio, communities and young people to amplify their voices. She spent eight years as a TV journalist at ENCA and before that, was a theatre performer. Nina serves as board chair for the Children’s Radio Foundation South Africa, is a board member for Open Streets Cape Town and sits on the advisory council of The Mothertongue Project. She first became involved with Mothertongue in 2013, training the young company members in project management skills and being an all-round champion and supporter for the Langeberg Youth Project