Victoria Amelina

AboutVictoria Amelina

Victoria Amelina isa Ukrainian novelist, essayist and activist. She was born in 1986 in the city of Lviv, Ukraine.,and she has lived in Cananda and the US. Victoria is a winner of the Joseph Conrad literature prize 2021 and was a finalist of European Union Prize for Literature 2019. She is a founder of the New York Literary Festival that takes place in a small town called New York near the frontline in the war-torn east of Ukraine.

Before becoming a writer, Victoria worked in high tech as an engineering manager; she holds an MS degree in Computer Science. In 2014,she became a laureate of the Ukraine National Literary Award Koronatsiya Slova, and released a debut novel. Victoria’s works are translated into several languages including English, Polish, Checz and Dutch. She is most known for her two novels, ‘Falling Syndrome’ or ‘Homo Compatients’ and ‘Dom’s Dream Kingdom’.