Kalaf Epalanga

AboutKalaf Epalanga

Kalaf Epalanga is a musician and author, born in Benguela, Angola and is based in Berlin where he curated the African Book Festival in 2021. As a musician, he co-founded the record label Enchufada, a creative and dynamic platform that promotes new music styles from Lisbon around the world, and went on to form the MTV Europe Music Award-winning band, Buraka Som Sistema (on hiatus since 2016).

He wrote a regular column of short literary chronicles for the prestigious Portuguese newspaper O Público, GQ Magazine (Portugal), the independent Angolan online magazine REDE Angola and collaborates regularly with the Brazilian literary Magazine Quatro Cinco Um.

Kalaf Epalanga has published in Angola and Portugal two collections of literary chronicles ‘Estórias de Amor para Meninos de Cor’ (engl.: Lovestories for kids of color, 2011) and ‘O Angolano que Comprou Lisboa (Por Metade do Preço)’ (engl.: The Angolan who Bought Lisbon (at Half the Price), 2014).

‘Também os Brancos Sabem (engl.: The Whites Also Can Dance, Editorial Caminho, 2017) published in Angola, Portugal and Brasil, is his first novel and was critically acclaimed in the Portuguese-speaking world.