Jeffery Oarasib

AboutJeffery Oarasib

Jeffrey Oarasib – KhoiKhoi Language teacher;  poet; story teller (|gaipe||nae-ao)


Jeffrey has been active in poetry since 2016 starting with the E-Bosch erfenis since 2017; regarding Culture and Heritage I was frequently on Radio KC talks on Heritage Day; Reconciliation Day and Mother Tongue day ( 24 September 2020; 16 December 2020 & 21 February 2021 respectively) also had a dialogue at Iziko Museum – KAKAPUSAN GOWAB ” ERASED LANGUAGE” in September 2020. By starting of the 2021 calendar year he has created a Mother Tongue day poem and performance for  Iziko Museum in 2021; afterwards got shortlisted as a candidate on International Poet day (21 March 2021) – TIME OF THE WRITER.


Khaloza books winner for Freedom Day poetry submission. His achievements also includes winning in category – FREEDOM THROUGH POETRY. For Loxion Poetry House – Africa Day 2021 performed in KhoiKhoi a poem; for Poetry Africa – 16 June poem in KHOI KHOI. In addition to achievements he  received special recognition for recently participating at the Adam Small Fees a panellist at Pniel Museum, 6 February 2022.