Garth Japhet

AboutGarth Japhet

Garth Japhet is medical doctor and the founding CEO of Heartlines. Heartlines is an NGO that initiates research-based campaigns that use story to tackle society’s big issues such as reconciliation and father absence. The basis for these campaigns are feature films and TV dramas, which are complemented by resources to equip workers in workplaces, schools, correctional facilities, churches and NGOs.


In 1992, he co-founded  the internationally acclaimed Soul City a multimedia edutainment project which addresses variety of health issues.  It has reached over 50-million people in ten southern African countries through TV and radio drama series, written resources, community mobilisation and advocacy initiatives. He was CEO for 17 years.


Garth is a Schwab fellow of the World Economic Forum (WEF), a fellow of the African Leadership Initiative and Senior Ashoka Fellow. He has received the global Everett Rogers Award for contribution to Entertainment Education