Afua Cooper

AboutAfua Cooper

Afua Cooper, Ph.D., is a celebrated poet, writer, scholar, and historian. The author of six books of poetry, in 2020 Dr. Cooper was Awarded the Portia White Prize, Nova Scotia’s highest recognition for the arts. She is also the winner of the J.M. Abraham Atlantic Poetry Award for her poetry book Black Matters. Her poems have also been recorded on two CDs, Worlds of Fire (In Motion) and Love and Revolution. Afua also has the distinction of being one of the founders of the Canadian Dub Poetry Movement, and as creative director of the Dub Poetry Collective, co-organized five international poetry festivals. Her poems have been included in numerous anthologies and translated into several languages.


A nationally and internationally recognized academic, Dr. Afua Cooper is a fellow at the Warren Center for Studies in American History, Harvard University. At the Warren Center, she is continuing her ground-breaking research on slavery, race, and Canadian universities. Afua is the Principal Investigator for A Black People’s History of Canada project housed at Dalhousie University where she teaches and holds a Killam Research Chair. For her work in and contributions to poetry, culture, history, research and scholarship Dr. Cooper was honoured by Maclean’s magazine as one of the 50 most influential Canadians.