Zanele Dlamini



South Africa

Zanele Dlamini is an author and voiceover artist.Her second novel, Wounds of Ignorance, won Durban UNESCO City of Literature‘s Best Book of the Year 2019/2020.

Zanele has two other novels, Plumeria and Chronicles of the Huggist. She has also written three children’s books, namely Sindi and the Moon, Rainbow Cloud: The Story of Mkabayi and Mmama and Why Birds Sing at Dawn. The last was translated into isiZulu Kungani Izinyoni Zicula Entathakusa. All these created in collaboration with Book Dash, as a volunteer artist for their #100BooksbyFive campaign that aims for children to own and read 100 books by the age of five.

Zanele is a Biomedical Technologist. She graduated from DUT and is HPCSA registered for the private practice of Clinical Pathology and supervised practice of Blood Transfusions.

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