Ebrahim Essa



South Africa

Ebrahim Essa is a comic-book and Hindi film aficionado based in Durban. As a child of the late 40s, Essa was born early to apartheid but soon felt the wrath of separate roads, separate housing and separate transport of which he had little or no understanding. Later, he was sent to Bombay to escape apartheid education, where he became an editor and chief rabble rouser of the university magazine. Essa returned to Durban in 1969, became a technician at Dunlop before turning to teaching in the early 80s. He taught high school Physical Science for 30 years before retiring in 2016. He is a widely published letter writer to various newspapers across South Africa, the author of “The Life Story of Suliman Essa Patel” and was also a contributor to the anthology Undressing Durban (Madiba Press, 2007). EB Koybie is his first book. 

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